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Water sports and relaxation on Lake Ledro Water sports and relaxation on Lake Ledro

Water sports and relaxation on Lake Ledro

Sailing, paddleboarding, and canoeing on Lake Ledro


The beauty of water sports lies in their unique ability to blend contact with nature, physical exertion, and relaxation. And when enjoyed on a charming lake like Lake Ledro, the experience becomes even more enriching! Its turquoise waters mirror the surrounding mountains, while grassy beaches beckon for moments of refreshment. But what are the main water activities available on Lake Ledro?

Sailing adventures
With its 10-kilometre circumference and prevailing breezes, Lake Ledro is an ideal setting for sailing, particularly for beginners looking to dip a toe while on holiday in Valle di Ledro. Wakeboarding and sailing are popular pursuits here, with options like the Optimist, small sailing boats perfect for beginners. New courses are offered each summer, and various locations provide rentals for windsurfing, sailboats, and even small catamarans!

Paddleboarding excursions
Arguably one of the trendier water sports of recent years. Once you learn how to keep your balance on your board (the calm morning waters of Lake Ledro help a lot in this regard), you can “walk” on water, with broad strokes. It’s one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the lake!

Canoeing adventures
Ideal for reaching secluded coves or embarking on solo expeditions, canoeing offers versatility on Lake Ledro. Whether circumnavigating the lake or crossing its expanse, canoe and kayak rentals are available in both Pieve di Ledro and Molina.

Pedal-powered leisure
Seeking a more leisurely and relaxed experience? Consider hiring a pedalo, offering simplicity and comfort as you explore at your own pace. Fun fact: did you know that Lake Ledro’s waters reach a balmy 24 degrees celsius in the height of summer?

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