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Casavecchia: A Legacy Spanning Generations, Since 1921 Casavecchia: A Legacy Spanning Generations, Since 1921

Casavecchia: A Legacy Spanning Generations, Since 1921

One hundred years of history.


Reflecting on a century of history, it may seem relatively brief when viewed against the backdrop of the surrounding valley, with its ancient inhabitants dating back to the Copper Age, as evidenced by the iconic stilts discovered in Lake Ledro. From this perspective, 1921 – the year of Camping Albergo Casavecchia’s inception – feels like only yesterday. However, considering that those very pile dwellings resurfaced for the first time in 1929, when our family had already owned Casavecchia for eight years, it becomes evident that indeed, 100 years is quite a long time! In 2021, we were delighted to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of this historic inn, firmly believing that a future worth pursuing is built upon a deep understanding of the past. As such, we are delighted to share our fascinating story with you, too.

The History of Casavecchia

It all began with a bold decision made by our great-grandfather, Emanuele Merli. At the time, Emanuele was working tirelessly as a carter, driven by his dedication to provide for his large family – he and his wife Franceschina were blessed with seven children! With his hard-earned savings working as a labourer, Emanuele made the brave choice to purchase an old farmhouse, which would come to be known as “Casavecchia”. His intention was to transform it into an inn for carters and travellers. It started as a humble resting point, offering refreshment and respite to Emanuele’s fellow workers. As the years passed, the inn gradually evolved into a fully-fledged hotel, all the while maintaining the warm and authentic hospitality of the Merli family. In the 1960s, the reins were passed down to our grandfather, Lino, along with his sister Serafina and his wife Giulietta – two enterprising and tireless women from whom we inherited some of our most cherished culinary secrets! Meanwhile, the inn underwent several renovations to keep pace with the changing times. The farmhouse, once the heart of the operation, was transformed, and ownership transitioned to a new generation – Emanuele and his wife Rosanna. The fields, once tended by our grandparents, were transformed into a shaded campsite, complementing the restaurant and offering our guests additional accommodation. The rest, as they say, is recent history!

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