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The Most Scenic Hikes in Valle di Ledro The Most Scenic Hikes in Valle di Ledro

The Most Scenic Hikes in Valle di Ledro

Hiking to Cima Parì, Punta Larici, Madonnina di Besta e Ponale


The Most Scenic Hikes in Valle di Ledro

Whether you prefer leisurely strolls along the lakeshore or challenging treks amid the mountain ridges, Valle di Ledro offers trails to suit every preference, fitness level, and age. Spanning from 65 metres above sea level at Lake Garda to 2,254 metres atop Mount Cadria, these routes traverse various landscapes, offering breathtaking views along the way. Are you looking for a family-friendly walk in the valley or a more rigorous mountain expedition? Our family is always delighted to provide recommendations for the best treks in Valle di Ledro. In fact, we have four great options for you below!

Hike to Cima Parì
Let’s start with a proper hike to the summit of Cima Parì at 1,988 metres, boasting unparalleled views of Lake Garda. The classic route begins in Pieve di Ledro, following trail 454 to Bocca di Saval, then winding through vineyards to reach the prominent peak. On the way back, you can stop off at the scenic Nino Pernici Refuge.

Punta Larici
For a less demanding hike with equally spectacular vistas of Lake Garda, consider Punta Larici. Start your hike in Pregasina, at the beginning of Valle di Ledro, heading towards Malga Palaer and then the summit. On the way back, you can take a detour via the Rocchetta Pass.

Madonnina di Besta
Even easier: enjoy a short hike to the Madonnina di Besta along a paved road that crosses through woods and then meadows, leading to the small Madonna statue. From here, the view of Lake Ledro is fantastic, making it a suitable walk for the whole family.

La Ponale Descent
Embark on a scenic downhill trek, perhaps en route to Riva del Garda, offering breathtaking vistas with minimal exertion. Begin your adventure along the historic mule track connecting Valle di Ledro to Riva del Garda, then follow the picturesque Strada del Ponale, reserved exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, overlooking Lake Garda.

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